Louis is a hardworking and ambitious Capricorn (the mountain goat) Sun sign, which are known for their resourcefulness, perseverance and strong sense of duty. However the Capricorn can also be over-exacting, calculated and inhibiting.

Louis had big lessons in the last two years, when he suddenly became a father for the first time after already having split up with the mother of his child. Looking at his chart, he has Mars in Sagittarius in a square to Jupiter in Virgo; these planets are respectively in the areas to do with relationships and family. When in a square these two planets tend to make him impulsive and impatient, as if there’s something bigger and better to find all the time. They are also ‘mutable’ which indicates he is changeable and variable.

To further find out about his relationships, we look to Venus, planet of love, which is in its detriment and in Scorpio, and exactly conjunct Pluto, the planet of dominant extremes. This indicates intense passions often followed by a transformative experience: in his case, this was the casual ‘fling’ he had that led to fatherhood in January 2016.

With Jupiter in his chart indicating an expansive family, and what with his Capricorn Sun, it is very likely he will have more children in the future, and enjoy the duty and responsibility of fatherhood.


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