Kendall Jenner is one of those Scorpios who oozes sultry and passionate sex appeal, so she finds herself basking in the global fashion and modeling spotlight a lot. In terms of relationships and partners, she has a lucky year just about to start as bounteous Jupiter is soon (13/14 November) to cross her 7th house cusp in her chart, traditionally the house of marriage! It is very likely that she will attract into her life someone who is from abroad (a travelling type); or religious, or maybe a magnate in the world of media and publishing. As much as the portents indicate a beneficial relationship, she will most likely struggle with it for a few months as rebellious Uranus opposes Jupiter, but once she’s over that hurdle, anything can happen.

One of her biggest lessons this next year is to learn not to put herself down when comparing herself to others- she might be a super model but behind all that its very likely she has problems with self-esteem and a lack of confidence. She has to believe in her own abilities, and as she goes through life, that will become more and more of an important lesson.

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