Ansel Elgort is a Pisces Sun sign, known for their receptive ability and adaptable creative skills; this is particularly noticeable with Ansel’s life as he is an actor, singer and DJ. As much as he may appear at times to be impracticable or indecisive, he also has a pair of planets (Moon and Venus) in fiery and forthright Aries, which makes him quick off the mark and able to put him forward, front and center. This year he is being tested by Saturn, the taskmaster, who will be giving him plenty of work projects, but he will have to filter out the best ones, and not lose his boundaries over what work to accept that promotes his career. Luckily enough his Sun in Pisces is well aspected to Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, so he really is someone who can act (and represent) for his generation.

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