Michael recently retired from professional swimming after becoming the world record Olympian, holding 22 medals. Indications of this success are in his natal horoscope, as he has Mars, planet of competition, exactly conjunct the lucky star Sirius in Cancer; and his Moon, planet of reactions and responses, on intensely victorious Antares in Sagittarius. These two fixed stars (Sirius and Antares) both hold magical properties, and to have two shining through one person at once is quite rare (but often seen in charts of the famous and celebrities). Deep within, he knows he could offer a lot more to the world (not just swimming) and he is most likely currently going through an ‘interim’ phase where he’ll be deciding what he can apply his talents to next. Looking at his horoscope, he is someone who would probably like to bring big progressive and futuristic changes to society (Jupiter in Aquarius), as he also has feelings based on freedom and taking in wide ranging viewpoints. A political stance? Maybe. He definitely has the potential for leadership (Mars in his first house, Sun in his twelfth house). Whatever happens, look out for some exciting, surprising and ‘changed’ approaches that he is going through the rest of this year and into early 2014.

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