Carrie is a Pisces sun sign, known for their compassion, empathy and sensitivity, which is often put across to the world by their creative talents. With her Ascendant in Leo, this woman has a big and generously loving heart: she is a vegetarian and committed Christian and is already well known for her philanthropic work. She also has her moon in Aquarius, which adds to her humanitarian qualities; the moon is in her 6th house of work, which guarantees a prolific output of albums and music. Her transits in 2014/15 are focused on Saturn going through her fourth house; she feels responsible towards her family and remembers her own upbringing even as she reaches stratospheric levels of fame. Neptune is conjuncting her Mercury in Pisces in the 8th house, which might see her continuing to donate money to good causes, particularly as her communication skills (Mercury) become more and more spiritualized (Neptune) helping her to write more and more profoundly meaningful love songs which in turn raise her earnings to even higher levels. She is one very talented and creative woman and will eventually be legendary.

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