It has been just over three years since the death of Patrice O’Neal. Like many comedians, he didn’t get the fame or recognition he deserved. Fans of his knew him from his stand-up and from his mainstay appearances on Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn and Opie & Anthony. What made O’Neal one of the greats was his brutal honesty balanced by an exceptionally fast and analytical mind, though he had something greater, a quality that can be categorized or named; a kind of charisma that is incredibly rare. Here we have of his brilliant moments that only begin to scratch the surface of a career that was cut way too short.

Every year, his comedian get together for the Patrice O’Neal benefit which raises money for his family and for diabetes research. The next one will be held on February 11, 2015. You can purchase tickets here.

#1 Elephant in the Room

Patrice O’Neal’s stand-up was conversational. As a member of his audience you felt like he was talking to you rather than just doing a routine. He had no problem interacting with the audience or improvising on the fly. Elephant in the Room is the perfect example of his style, and likely his best album.


#2 The Best of Patrice O’Neal on Opie & Anthony

When Patrice passed away in 2011, Gregg “Opie” Hughes, Anthony Cumia and Jim Norton put together a best of Patrice on O&A broadcast made up of their favorite moments with the man on their show.

#3 The United Areas of America

Geography a little too complicated? Patrice’ll fix that.

#4 Race War

An Opie & Anthony debate on race which featured Patrice O’Neal and comedian Nick DiPaolo having an honest discussion about racial tension in America.

#5 Patrice Defending Don Imus and Comedy

Patrice took comedy seriously. He stood up for comedy and he stood up for free speech. After the Imus controversy in 2007, he took to Sean Hannity’s and John Gibson’s shows to debate Sonia Ossorio, Dr. Mark Lamont Hill, Alan Colmes and Armstrong Williams.

#6 The Greatest Story Ever Told on Radio

This clip is called the Greatest Story Ever Told on Radio for a reason. One of the best things about the former Opie & Anthony show was that it was conversational. They didn’t do bits as much as they interacted with each other. On slow days, sometimes someone would just decide to tell a story, and something like this would happen.

#7 One Night Stand

HBO only gives the time a day to great comedians. This is Patrice’s One Night Stand HBO special.

With video!

#8 Patrice O’Neal Reviews Independence Day

#9 Patrice at the Comedy Store

A fan compiled a video of Patrice’s five appearances at LA’s Comedy Store in 2004. This isn’t a giant production or a radio show; this is just a comedian working his craft.

#10 Patrice O’Neal on Relationships

Giving advice and telling self-deprecating stories.


Further listening: An index to all of Patrice’s Opie & Anthony appearances. It comes out to 100 videos at 425 hours of Patrice O’Neal.




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