Teen Wolf took Hall H on Thursday, where stars Tyler Posey, Dylan O’Brien and more dished on what fans can expect from the rest of season 4, and announced Teen Wolf has been picked up for a fifth season.

Teen Wolf To Focus On "Human Problems"

Executive producer Jeff Davis kicked off the excitement, announcing that MTV had picked up Teen Wolf for a 20-episode season 5 – eight episodes longer than season 4. After revealing the big news, Davis spoke about how he sees Teen Wolf evolving in season 4, noting that he wants to move away from the heavy mythology of the show. Davis mentioned Stephen Spielberg’s E.T. as the prime example, saying, “[It goes] back to human problems as oppose to creating another mythology or a creature.”

Perhaps one of the “human problems” will be more literal – this week’s episode of Teen Wolf "I.E.D." found Derek Hale, played by Tyler Hoechlin, slowly losing his werewolf powers. Whether or not Derek will fully transform into a regular human, that remains to be seen, but if he did, he wouldn’t be the only human character on the show. Davis also assured the crowd that fan-favorite Danny (Keahu Kahuanui) would also be returning.

When speaking of his character’s transformation from werewolf to human, Hoechlin said that it forces Derek to confront the question of who he really is.

“He’s going to have to figure out who he is when he’s not a werewolf…It’s being a human, moving on and finding your identity,” Hoechlin told the crowd.

Despite all the changes Derek Hale is going through in season 4, one thing will remain constant: Derek will continue to be shirtless. The panel, which also featured Holland Roden and new cast-members Dylan Sprayberry – who has been promoted to series regular for season 5 – and Shelley Hennig, premiered a brand new trailer for the rest of season 4 that featured quite a bit of shirtless Derek.

Speaking of the wolves’ wardrobe on the show, the panel’s favorite audience question came from a girl who asked whether Peter Hale (Ian Boen) would ever take a break from his v-neck uniform. The cast applauded her for her question, and Hoechlin jokingly answered, “Knowing Ian, no. They [the v-necks] will be deeper and wider.”

Shelley Hennig Dishes On Stiles And Malia

On a more serious note, Hennig talked about Stiles and Malia’s romance, calling them “unique” for any teen show. Before she could go on, Posey cut in, asking her if Stiles and Malia have had sex yet. This question has plagued some viewers since the two hooked up at Eichen House in season 3B, but Hennig put all doubts to rest, confirming that Stiles and Malia do, indeed, have sex.

Putting a slight damper on things, Davis revealed that Malia and Stiles would not be happy for long. Davis teased that they have a “rocky road” ahead of them in the coming episodes, when the secret of Malia’s “parentage” will cause some conflict in their relationship.

Meanwhile, Lydia will continue to learn more about her powers as a banshee. Davis warned Lydia fans not to get ahead of themselves, as they are planning on developing Lydia’s storyline at a slower pace.

“One of the things we’ve really enjoyed about crafting [Lydia’s] arc is that we can do it slowly. We can do it over seasons and seasons. It’s a struggle for her to master her powers, and we’re going to see in the next two episodes how she struggles with that,” Davis revealed.

Teen Wolf S4 Comic-Con Trailer

From the looks of the trailer, however, the gang will have bigger problems than Stiles and Malia’s relationship drama and Lydia’s family history. The exclusive promo ends with Peter Hale in werewolf form threatening Scott (Posey), telling him, “It was my bite that changed your life; it’s my bite that can end it.”

Peter, it seems, will re-emerge as a bad guy by the end of the season. In a later interview with EW, Posey revealed that the gang would be facing off both “new and old” villains, hinting at Peter Hale’s inevitable betrayal.

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