Steven Seagal, the famed action star, might follow fellow action star Arnold Schwarzenegger into politics and run in Arizona’s upcoming gubernatorial race.

Steven Seagal Running For Arizona Governor?

Seagal, 61, admitted that he was considering the governor’s seat in his home state of Arizona during an interview with KNXV-TV. Seagal was prompted to discuss his political ambitions while promoting his reality series – Steven Seagal-Lawman: Maricopa County.

In the show, Seagal teams up with Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio as a volunteer deputy, offering his martial arts expertise to the county’s officers. For Steven Segal-Lawman’s first two seasons, the Above the Law actor was based in Jefferson Parish, La.

While Seagal has seriously been discussing making a run to become Arizona’s next governor with Arpaio, he’s not sure he can fully commit himself to the job just yet. His primary concern for the country at present is securing its borders to prevent individuals from illegally entering the United States.

– Chelsea Regan

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