Nearly five months to the day after Brittany Murphy’s death, the actress’ husband, Simon Monjack, 39, was found dead Sunday night in the home the couple shared.

Monjack, a screenwriter, was still living in the home where his wife died when he passed away from an apparent heart attack. Murphy’s mother, who was living with Monjack, called 911 at around 9:30 p.m. when she found her son-in-law unconscious.

While there were prescription bottles prescribed to Monjack found near the scene, police are saying that the death appears to be of natural causes. However, nothing will be confirmed until after the results of toxicology tests are released.

Murphy who died December 20, at 32, due to a combination of pneumonia, anemia and prescription drugs — many of which were actually prescribed to her husband — was declared to have died an accidental death by the coroner. –ELENA COX