Britney Spears posted an Instagram message questioning the mysterious death of actress Brittany MurphyThe 32-year-old actress died back in 2009. 

The “Baby One More Time” singer shared a People cover story from October 2021 surrounding Murphy’s death. 

“I saw this online today…. Is anybody else curious???” Britney wrote. “She died at 32…HMMMMMMMMMMM…JUST SAYING!!!! Psss I know it was a while ago but come on… they are STILL INVESTIGATING!!!!.” 

Murphy had bought her Hollywood Hills home from Spears when the pop star was still dating Justin Timberlake. Spears failed to mention her connection to the home Murphy died in, but both had reportedly said in separate interviews that they “didn’t like staying in the house.” 

Spears claimed to have had an otherworldly encounter when she lived in the house that led her to leave the property and never come back. Her former makeup artist, Julianne Kaye, recounted the situation in an episode of Earios’s We Need to Talk About Brittney podcast in February 2021. 

Murphy was found unresponsive at the residence, with a coroner ultimately determining that she had died of drug intoxication and untreated pneumonia. The death was recently discussed in an HBO documentary. This incident no doubt piqued the interest of Spears, who was reportedly good friends with the actress back in the day. 

Murphy’s death has been the center of several conspiracy theories since the actress was found “unresponsive” 13 years ago. Many speculated that the death could have been connected to mold hidden in the mansion – medical examiners later dismissed these theories in the case. 

L.A. Country Coroner Asst. Chief Ed Winter concluded that Murphy’s death resulted from untreated pneumonia, combined with anemia and mixing prescription drugs and over-the-counter medications. Murphy’s 40-year-old husband, screenwriter Simon Monjack, died five months later from similar circumstances. 

The Murphy family sold the mansion two years later, in 2011. The home was torn down in 2013 and underwent a complete multi-year rebuild. The estate was sold again in 2017 for $14.53 million, with no resemblance to its former structure. 

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