Zoey Deutch stars as Rose Hathaway in Vampire Academy, a film that explores the blood-sucking friendship between Rose and Lissa Dragomir (Lucy Fry). “The relationship that they have between each other is that they don’t have anyone but one another,” Deutch told uInterview’s Erik Meers exclusively. “And this school they have to leave and they don’t even remember why, so that’s it, that’s all they have.” Alongside Deutch and Fry, Gabriel Byrne and Sarah Hyland (Modern Family) co-star in Vampire Academy.

Deutch, 19, is the daughter of actress Lea Thompson, best known for playing Lorraine Baines in Back to the Future, and director Howard Deutch (Pretty in Pink). She previously starred in another young-adult novel adaptation, Richard LaGravenese’s Beautiful Creatures.

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Q: How did you get involved in this project? - Uinterview

Well, I drove down [L.A.'s] La Cienega [Blvd.], and then I got to the building and I auditioned and then I got a call back and then I got another call back and then I screen tested and then I got the part. It was - yeah.

Q: Were you familiar with the €˜Vampire Academy€™ books before the film? - Uinterview

I had definitely heard about them, but I hadn'€™t read them. I was previously in another YA [young-adult] book to movie adaptation called Beautiful Creatures, so I was kind of in that world where people are talking about all their... what do they call their ships when they 'ship' people together I guess... it's when they really like people together. I sound like a grandma right now, 'What'™s that thing the kids are saying now a days.'€™ But yeah, I had an idea about it.

Q: How does the film go beyond the typical vampire story? - Uinterview

I think, I just spoke to somebody who had seen it. And she, her first instinct about describing it, was that it didn'€™t feel necessarily like a vampire film. It felt more like a story about a friendship between two girls and their survival. Just literally beyond even just trying to get through the mean girls and the boys and each other. They have these actually threatening forces surrounding them.

Q: What part of the story could you relate to the most? - Uinterview

I think the thing that resonated the most to me was, and what I really appreciated about the story, was that it is about, I'm going to reiterate myself a bit and sound redundant, but it's a story of friendship between two girls which is rare, unfortunately and about them prioritizing each other over a relationship with a guy.

Q: Are there romantic undertones between your character and Lucy Fry'€™s? - Uinterview

[Shakes her head no] But the relationship that they have between each other is that they don'€™t have anyone but one another. The movie actually begins with the audience seeing that Lissa'€™s parents and brother were killed in a car crash, and Rose was in the car and survived it, as well as Lissa, obviously. And Rose comes from a really screwed-up family where she doesn't talk to them, she doesn'€™t know them. She doesn'€™t know her dad and she barely talks to her mother, so they really have each other and this school. And this school they have to leave and they don'€™t even remember why, so that'€™s it, that'€™s all they have.

Q: How did you prepare for the fight scenes? - Uinterview

It was really fun. It'€™s awesome. I had full-time trainers and professionals teaching you how to defend yourself. It'€™s amazing. It was an awesome life experience that I probably never would have done or could afford -€” that kind of stuff is so expensive -€” but I trained for about three months prior, I think, three months. It's all a blur. I was too exhausted and sore and in Epsom salt baths. I don'€™t know how Mark Wahlberg does it. I have no idea. Or all those guys, I have no idea. I could not do that every movie. And I trained throughout the filming and during my lunch breaks and yup. It was definitely a new experience to me because I had never even been in a gym.

Q: What'€™s different about Vampire Academy than other vampire stories? - Uinterview

My character has never been done before. Ever. One hundred percent has never been done before. That'€™s a fact. I can say that. I can'€™t necessarily vouch for like, '€˜Is this the only funny non-parody of vampire film?'€™ I don'™t know. But it is. It'€™s very humorous. It has a lot of jokes and a lot of, embedded into the story without kind of taking you out of it in my opinion at least. It's just like constantly strewn throughout the story.