Yael Stone discussed how her Orange Is the New Black character Lorna changed her life in her new uInterview.

“The thing I think that I came to understand and that she taught me, and she actually helped me in my own life very much, is that if you live your life with too much of a gap between fantasy and reality you get sick,” Stone said to uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “That’s how I came to understand her. She actually lost touch and it made her very, very ill. And you know, as we discovered in that last season, she had some pretty serious traumatic event that kind of created this schism in her psyche.”

Watch Yael Stone’s uInterview on ‘Firebite’

“And you know, I left that show pretty — I started to feel that way,” she said. “And the line between her and I, you know, it got closer through the years. And yeah, it was a really fascinating thing I learned a lot from her and I also changed my life a lot after I finished working on that show.”

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