The new documentary Skilled by filmmaker Julio Palacio premiered at Sundance Film Festival in Park City, Utah on Sunday.

The film explores the lives of skilled trade workers and attempts to battle the stigma against trade as a career by highlighting four individuals – a plumber, a welder, a film gaffer and a safety specialist.

Kill Bill actress Vivica A. Fox hosted the premiere. Fox spoke to uInterview founder Erik Meers about working with 3M on the film, saying it was “all about girl power.”

“I’m just so grateful that 3M and Generous Films made this wonderful documentary about skilled trade professions,” she said. “It’s all about girl power right now. Women have not been able to have certain opportunities in skilled trade, so we’re here to show you a documentary of four people that are gonna surprise you.”

The 37-minute documentary premiered at Sundance on Sunday night.

The star also discussed some of her upcoming projects.

“I’m currently in Atlanta right now working on a Tubi MarVista film called Twisted House Sitter 2,” she revealed. “It’s kind of like Fatal Attraction meets Single White Female and I play the president of a cosmetic company that my life is taken over by a mysterious lady. It’s so full of twists and turns that I absolutely love it. I’m glad that I can do a thriller again and we’re one week away from completion.”

You can watch Skilled here.

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