The stars of Apple TV PlusTehran, Niv Sultan and Shervin Alenabi, revealed the that felt an “instant chemistry” a new uInterview.

Tehran follows a undercover, computer-hacking Mossad agent (Sultan) who is tasked with disabling an Iranian nuclear reactor as Israel plans to attack.

The show, which was filmed in Athens, was praised for its depiction of Tehran. “The attention to detail was amazing,” Alenabi, who was born in Iran, told uInterview’s Erik Meers.

The actors agreed on the most difficult scene to film. “We have the same scene right Shervin?” started the actress, revealing a spoiler: “Karim’s death, Karim’s murder. I think it’s in six, episode six.”

“I think that was like the turning point for the entire series for my character, for Niv’s character,” explained Alenabi. “I think Niv said, you were worried about this scene. I, for the first time, I took Danny [Daniel Syrkin] our director outside and I was like ‘Listen Danny I need your help.'”

“I think Niv did such a sick job,” he added, complimenting his costar.

“For me I was super stressed I was really nervous about everything in that scene I wanted everything to look super authentic and real,” Sultan said.

Viewers may assume that the pair’s on-screen chemistry was also a challenge, but the actors explained that it wasn’t a big deal.

“What did we do? I don’t think we did anything,” said Alenabi. “It was just there.”

“No, it just happened I think. It was super natural from the day we met really,” added Sultan.

The action packed series is filled with stunts and intricate scenes, leading to some unique obstacles.

“Niv you were jumping off roofs,” Alenabi joked.

“I think we were part of just perfect production,” Sultan said in a more serious tone. “Everyone was super professional, everyone helped us so much.”

“There was a lot of improvising I think,” Alenabi said, “we weren’t getting like the scripts, they weren’t always ready, so there was a lot of like having to rely on each other. I think we were all a bit scared at some point, we were like, ‘Ah, just don’t know how tomorrow’s going to go, I don’t know how today’s going to go, but every time you always worked out.”

Tehran is available to stream on Apple TV Plus. Check out the trailer below.

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