Stonehouse, a three-part drama, follows the true story of British politician John Stonehouse as he decides to fake his own death.

Succession‘s Matthew Macfadyen, who plays John Stonehouse, and Kevin McNally, who plays Harold Wilson, recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss the parallels between Stonehouse and New York Rep. George Santos (R).

“That’s a really good example,” Macfadyen said. “He won’t resign. There’s a sort of implacable, demented optimism.”

“[Politics have] always been bad, but it hasn’t always been as bad as it is today,” McNally continued. “In both of our countries, I personally think, but it’s always been there. Power corrupts absolutely, and it seems to be something we have to live with. The very notion that someone wants to be a politician should probably disqualify you from being one!”

“I’d agree with that,” Macfadyen added. ” Even looking at Kevin McCarthy trying to get elected 15 times or something. Somebody grabbed someone by the throat. You put that on screen, people would say, ‘That’s a bit much. Too far.'”

The actors also revealed their favorite scenes from the show.

“They were all really fun,” Macfadyen revealed. “There was one with Kevin when we were having a drink and it’s the last scene actually. It’s sort of funny, but quite dark and sad how Wilson’s talking about being a spider in the corner of the room and saying, ‘Would you go kick a blind man?’ It sort of a surreal request, but it was beautifully written. I love the scenes with the Australian policeman and the jazz club.”

“I did particularly enjoy the scene I had with Matthew, a rather flirtatious scene, about how sexy we both were, that I wasn’t very sexy and he was and perhaps he could go and be the face of the Labour Party,” McNally added.

Stonehouse is now streaming on BritBox.

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