The Wheel follows a young couple struggling with marital problems. To see if they can make it work, they decide to rent a remote Airbnb in the woods. Then, they meet their hosts, an older couple who are just about to be married who offer to act as their therapists.

Director Steve Pink, Taylor Gray, who plays Walker, Bethany Anne Lind, who plays Carly and Nelson Lee, who plays Ben, recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss what the film shows about the nature of relationships.

“I’m struck by how hard it is to know yourself, and then to know yourself with others,” Pink said. “And then to always do the right thing by that person and by yourself. I find it fascinating. For me, I’ve been married 23 years. In making this movie, I was reminded everyday how hard it was. You look at Ben’s behavior. He’s not doing the very thing he’s supposed to be doing in this kind of cheerfully, oblivious way … There’s also going forward and trying to figure out who you are and what you want in life. The four actors we had to engage in those questions made it very special for me as a director to try and tell a story with all those things happening.”

“I always find it interesting when you see things from another perspective,” Gray added. “We’re seeing relationships and sacrifices and how difficult they can be. As Steve was saying, knowing ourselves and how much to give and receive. I find it easier to see it in someone else or when you see it in your friends or family around you, opposed to introspectively. Hopefully, people watching the film see things that mirror things in their own lives and take different perspectives from it. I hope they enjoy the journey as tragic as it is.”

“The same as any story, when you see a story like this that’s so intimate and about the emotional journey, that you just have empathy and perhaps you see something that makes you think a new way about someone you know or someone that may be going through something similar,” Lind remarked. “It’s a great reason to have a story be told.”

“The great thing about this film is it’s really four people dealing with each other’s relationships,” Nelson said. “People dealing with themselves. ‘To thine own self be true.’ Sometimes you think you’re doing that and I think Ben’s trying to do that, but his own self is kind of s–y! He realizes that and is able to deflect that. I think everyone had that in them and I think that’s relatable.”

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