Director Stephen Moyer discussed working with wife Anna Paquin on Flack in his new uInterview.

“I think that, you know, just as a couple we have such a great working relationship,” he told uInterview founder Erik Meers, “you know, we met each other working, we did eight years of that, we have our own production company, I directed her in my film debut in 2017 she’s in that as well. So there’s sort of a familial short hand that we have. ”

“We had developed the show from like 2014, 2015. You know we were looking for something that was the sort of diametric opposite of who Sookie was,” Moyer said, referencing Paquin’s True Blood character. “So we knew even back then, even though, you know, when you’re developing, creating a show you sort of create a sort of series bible of usually — usually when you’re doing that the first season is quite laid out, but then the second season you have bullet points of what the thematic will be or tonally what you’re trying to achieve. And you’ll even have like Season 3 and onward planned of ‘that’s where we think we’ll go with that character.’ You kind of have to have that stuff. I don’t know if you know this but Vince Gilligan puts a show together he talks about what the first image will be and the last image, right, which I think is really interesting. And so we definitely had that in our minds so we knew coming into Season 2 what Season 2 was gonna be. And we knew that we were taking her, you know, literally Dante’s Inferno. We’re taking her to the bottom.

Still, Moyer makes time to accept acting roles he really loves. “So it just so happened that I was working in Calgary as an actor,” he said, “but knew that I was going to be directing at some point and it just so happened because of the way it timed out that the second aspect was gonna be possibly the last two episodes. And that’s how it worked out and I’m kind of glad because it’s a very emotionally wrought two episodes for Robyn, and so I’m really glad it was me. I think Anna was glad that it was me doing it because of our comfort level together and it meant that we could be authentic and go to the place that you need to go to shoot that sort of difficult stuff.”

Watch Flack on Amazon Prime Video. Check out the Season 2 trailer below.

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