Stars of Tyler Perry’s BruhBarry BrewerMahdi Cocci, Phillip Mullings Jr. and Monti Washington, reflected on the importance of friendship in their new uInterview.

The BET+ comedy series follows the lives of four best friends, 30-something, black men and their journeys to find successful relationships and careers.

Brewer revealed that his character John sees a shift in his life from businessman to lady’s man. “He gets to try his hand in a relationship,” he told uInterview Founder Erik Meers, “so you see him, you know, the first season he was trying to get his life financially, as he still is, trying to get his entrepreneurship on, trying to find who he is and so he tries his hand in a relationship.”

Cocci said his character Dr. Tom is still trying to be a “peacemaker, diplomat.” “You’ll see more of that,” he said, “because there’s some you know some disagreements amongst the bruhs there’s some descension in the ranks, and I try my best to maintain and be the glue to keep everybody together, and we’ll see the challenges that come along with that.”

Mullings Jr. said his character Mike is “finding out the error of his ways based off of what he wants and what he can’t get because of who he is. So he has to take a deep dive into who he actually is and figuring that out in order to get what he actually wants.”

Washington called his character a “hot mess.” “Bill’s trying to figure out his love life and keep it together,” he said.

The cast’s craziest scenes?

“The craziest scene for me was me and Alyssa Goss, who plays Pam,” said Mullings Jr. “And woof. I will just have to let that lay as it is. And there will be no question about what I’m talking about when that airs. I blacked out. I blacked out in the scene and I don’t know what happened. Still waiting to see what happened. So, once I watch it we’ll know.”

“There’s a moment that happened with my mom … I just remember Mr. Perry giving an ad-lib to my mom in the show, Alice [Chandra Currelley-Young], and she did it and it was just so funny to me that I could not stop laughing. I could not get back into character for a long time. You know how people keep laughing it’s like everybody’s over it but you’re still laughing.”

The actors also reflected on friendships between grown men.

“I think, for men, one of the most underrated relationships we have is our relationships with other men,” Washington said. “We’ve got out parental relationships, we got our relationships, you know, intimate ones, but we truly underestimate the power of brotherhood. Because I don’t know about y’all but I know oftentimes I’m a little more comfortable sharing a vulnerable moment with my bruhs and my closest boys than I might be with my wife, than I might be with my mother or my pops or something.”

“There’s a tagline of our show that says ‘We ain’t family, but we family,'” Cocci said, agreeing, “and like I love that because it’s really, in this brotherhood and like all friendships in life, you’re not forced because this isn’t a blood relationship. It’s all by choice. And with that choice, there’s like everything that comes along with it, sacrifice and you’ll see there’s disagreements, there’s obstacles, but above all is the love that we all choose to share with one another.”

Tyler Perry’s Bruh Season 2 is currently streaming on BET+.

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