Mary Fitzgerald, one of the beautiful power real estate brokers on Netflix’s Selling Sunset, revealed who her real friends on the show are, the scene she wished producers didn’t shoot and the possibility of a season four of the hit reality show in her new uInterview.

Fitzgerald spoke with uInterview’s Erik Meers from her new home in The Valley, which she recently moved into with husband Romain Bonnet.

“I know we said a bunch of bad things about The Valley, but over towards Studio City it’s just more quiet and you get bigger yards. So, yeah, we’ve got a great yard for the dogs to run in and much more room which we needed. We were running out of space,” she said laughing.

“A lot of my clients just started moving over the hill,” she said, “and so as I was driving around a lot and showing them homes I was like, ‘I kinda like it!'”

Fitzgerald revealed that she’s been very busy since the end of Season 3. “The real estate market went through the roof, it’s been on fire, so I was so busy over the summer,” she said. “It’s my best year ever.”

Of course starring in a hit Netflix series didn’t hurt business either. “I got quite a few clients out of it actually,” Fitzgerald said. “A lot of people they need more room, they need more space, and so they know who I am, if they don’t need to work from a certain location anymore because they’re working from home a lot of people are moving. So it’s increased business for me, and they know me from the show and they like me on the show so they call me up.”

But for Fitzgerald, showing her entire life on camera has downsides, too. “Like with Romain, the bachelor party thing, I was like ‘Ah no, no no no no no. We are dealing with this on our own,’ and they’re [the producers], ‘Mmm, no you’re not. You’re going to talk about it. If it’s happening, you’re going to talk about it.'”

She added that she isn’t ashamed to share some parts of her life, including fertility issues. “People will resonate with it, so I don’t mind showing stuff like that.” She explained that the drama with some of the women of the show is what bothers her: “Most of the time I don’t really care, I’m like ‘Are we seriously talking about this?'”

Her actual friends outside of the show?

“Well Amanza [Smith] has been my best friend for twenty years,” the relator said, “but I would say Chrishell [Stause] and Heather [Young] I’m very close with both of them.” She said that they hangout with Romain, Jason and Brett Oppenheim “all the time.”

Fitzgerald teased that although Season 4 hasn’t been announced by Netflix yet, its confirmation may just be late due to COVID restrictions.

“I think you guys are see Season 4,” she said. “There’s a lot of regulations that goes into it and planning whenever you start filming during this time.”

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