Gloria Gaynor may be known as the “Queen of Disco,” but these days she’s got a gospel sound.

The legendary 70-year-old singer spoke to uInterview exclusively about her spirituality and how it influenced her new album Testimony, which was released in June and recently received two Grammy nominations, including Best Roots Gospel Album.

“To know that your peers feel like your music is worth of recognition is always an honor and exciting,” said Gaynor, who last won a Grammy Hall of Fame Award in 2012 for “I Will Survive.”

Gaynor also revealed she had been interested in recording a gospel album for years but was held back by a management team that didn’t always respect her creative wishes. However, she was finally able to work with people who treated her ideas with respect to creating Testimony, which was recorded in Nashville.

“Past management didn’t think that was a viable direction to take and so it kept stalling and putting it off,” Gaynor explained. “Finally, I have new management who respects me and my desires and designs for my life and career.”

The “Never Can Say Goodbye” singer added she is convinced more than ever before that now was the right time to release Testimony. She relied on her spirituality to explain why she felt it was her calling to record and release the album at this point in her life.

“The biggest thing, I think, is that it’s God timing [to release Testimony],” said Gaynor.

Gaynor also offered her take on how the nature of music has evolved over the last few decades.

“The greatest difference between modern music and the music back then was the spontaneous creativity that can only happen between live musicians playing together and inspiring one another,” she said.

Gaynor confessed that her version of Amazing Grace is her favorite track on Testimony because it is “autobiographical” in a sense.

“It really speaks of God’s mercy and grace in my life and how it has brought me through so many difficult times in my life,” she said.


The singer noted that Bob Dylan‘s song “Man of Peace,” which is featured on Testimony, is incredibly relevant to today’s world.

“I think it’s a very ‘now’ song because we need to know that God needs to be uncovered,” she said. “He’s wreaking havoc in our country and we need to expose him.”

The legendary singer also teased the possibility of releasing a song that blends disco and gospel music sometime in the future.

“So we can all dance like David danced,” Gaynor said, laughing.

Gaynor collaborated with several famous artists for Testimony — for which she wrote most of the songs — including drummer Daru Jones, Bart Millard, Jason Crabb and gospel singer Yolanda Adams. 


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