The British drama Nowhere Boy tells the story of John Lennon’s teenage years and what led up to the creation of The Beatles. Sam Taylor-Johnson directed the film and cast Aaron Taylor-Johnson as John Lennon, and after the shooting of the film, the two fell in love.

In this uInterview Classic Moment Flashback, from an exclusive interview with uInterview in 2009, Taylor-Johnson revealed why she cast Aaron as John Lennon and then fell in love.

“I saw a lot of people and no one really came to the audition with that ability to carry such a role and I knew that Aaron had been on the set of Kick-Ass so when he arrived I didn’t really hold out high expectations,” she said. “I thought you know, he hasn’t had time to research this and I don’t know what he’s gonna bring to this, but he came in the room as Lennon and that was pretty impressive for a first casting.”

Taylor-Johnson went on to explain how the two fell in love, “I don’t know that it evolved during the filming because, you know, I was at work, he was at work, it was a work environment and we didn’t really mix the two, so that happened when we finished filming.”

The couple now has two daughters and lives together in Los Angeles. Johnson has gone on to superhero stardom in numerous Marvel films.

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