Growing Up Hip-Hop cast members, Romeo Miller, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons and Jojo Simmons, gave uInterview a sneak peek of what to expect on their next upcoming season in an exclusive new video. 

Growing Up Hip-Hop, which first premiered in 2016, is going into its fifth season and continues to explore the lives of children of hip-hop legends as they go on a journey to self-discovery.

Ahead of its fifth season, Miller, who is the son of Master P and the Simmons kids, who are the children of Rev. Run, have described the season as a “roller coaster.” 

“We pick up the season exactly where we left off,” Vanessa told uInterview. “And It’s more so about me and Angela finding something to do together. You know we worked together at a really young age and we had a lot of success and I always miss those times. So I’m always constantly trying to find something that we can work on together now that we’re both moms. You know I always feel like there’s some synergy there and we can create some successful stuff. So I’m always hounding her about working together again, and you guys will kind of see the process and what happens through the season if what we decide on and how all of that will go. So it’s definitely a bit of tension throughout the season, but at the end of the day we resolve everything and you guys will see that throughout the season.”


Angela added, “We’re sisters, we argue and you guys just happen to be there for that awkward moment in life, but we’re good. You definitely see this season some stuff, some resolving and stuff like that so I would call it a little bit of a roller coaster, in general, the whole season.”

Romeo and Jojo dished about the events of the yacht party, which takes place in the first episode of the season.

“The yacht party, it was a big event for me and my pop’s rum company, It’s called Sugar Skull Rum, and we just wanted to give that lifestyle to everybody,” Miller recalled. “So we’re doing yacht parties across the world, we’re going to bring viewers into that to enjoy and I guess sometimes when you have alcohol involved some people just turn up more than they need to. So drink responsibly ok! But this is definitely like Angela said, which I usually say, it’s a roller coaster and I think we open up more this season. Like this season we have a lot of great moments, you know they have those testing times, but I feel like we’re a lot more comfortable with that camera being there and its the best season yet like this is literally the best season yet.”

“I just say some crazy things happened at that party that I didn’t expect and I was kind of right there,” Jojo added.


Jojo also revealed that throughout the season he will be caught in the middle of a lot of drama.

“I’m gonna just say that this season I’m there for a lot of weird stuff. I’m there when a lot of bad stuff happens and I’m there when a lot of good stuff happens. So [Romeo’s] favorite word, a rollercoaster I swear to you they’re not lying. It’s a rollercoaster of emotions and just the events that goes down this season it’ll have everybody at the edge of their seat and just can’t wait to watch more, I know cause I want to watch it and I haven’t seen it yet,” Jojo said enthusiastically. 

Growing Up Hip-Hop resumes on January 10 on WE tv.

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