Andrew Onwubolu, also known as Rapman, spoke to uInterview about his new movie Blue Story, and why it was banned from theaters in the UK.

“I’ll say the plot of the film is a Romeo and Juliet style bromance between two really good friends,” said Onwubolu. “They both live in separate area codes that are in a massive gang war. Starts off not really meaning much to a group of kids, but as they get older influences from outside their friendship really puts a strain in there, and the two friends end up becoming enemies.”

The critically acclaimed movie was banned from theaters last November after a fight broke out on its premiere date at a UK cinema between teens armed with knives and machetes. The owner of Vue Cinemas decided it would stop showing the movie at its locations.

“The cinema owner, he just automatically figured they must be there to watch Blue Story,” said Onwubolu. “It [the fight] wasn’t in the cinema screening, it was actually in the lobby, so he just decided let’s pull the film from all of our chains, which was crazy considering it wasn’t in a Blue Story screening. There was no evidence that it was for Blue Story. It could’ve been over anything.”

The movie was eventually put back in theaters after Vue received heavy criticism.

“Because it was so unjustified, there was such outrage there, after a week or so they had to put it back on,” said Onwubolu.

The movie is unique, according to the rapper.

“We haven’t had a film like this in such a long time in the U.K.,” he said. “The amount we’ve had we can probably count on one hand, maybe a bit more.”

Blue Story is available to rent from Amazon Prime Video, Google Play and YouTube. Watch the trailer below:

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