Rafe Spall and Esther Smith revealed their favorite scenes from Season 2 of Trying in their new uInterview.

Trying follows the story of a couple, Nikki and Jason, who learn that they cannot conceive a child and decide to go through the complicated adoption process.

“The process of adoption is long, and difficult, and they look into every aspect of your life, and when people look into every aspect of your life you tend to question yourself,” said Spall, explaining that his character Jason is “definitely questioning himself, questioning whether he’s fit to be a parent.”

“[Nikki] suffers with anxiety, but she’s someone who really kind of puts her heart into everything that she does,” Smith said, “and she’s really tunnel vision, and she really wants to strive to do the best that she can I think for the people around her as well. And in Series 2, because they’re trying to be matched with a child, I think we see her mature quite a bit.”

The actors’ favorite scenes?

“There’s so many brilliant moments and so many, I don’t know, really heartfelt moments,” Smith said. “For me, I think the one that really pings out is the moment that they meet who they think is to be their future child. And they kind of meet her in a park. They don’t really say anything they just see her, well Nikki sees her across the park, just sat on her own. Even reading that bit of the script, it was incredibly moving because I think it’s just like an instant thing where she just knows that’s their child.”

“My favorite thing about doing this show is that I get to both act with and hang out with Esther Smith,” Spall said, “and both of those two things are tantamount to a real career highlight for me. And all of my favorite scenes to shoot in Seasons 1 and 2 are all the scenes in our apartment together because it’s just me and her, and it’s very intimate, and it’s very real.”

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