If These Walls Could Sing documents the role in music history of the iconic Abbey Road Studios, its impact on The Beatles and all the legendary music that followed that was born inside those four walls.

Paul McCartney‘s daughter Mary McCartney, who serves as the director on the film, recently sat for a discussion with uInterview founder Erik Meers to reveal the story behind Oasis getting kicked out of Abbey Road Studios.


“Abbey Road’s not the sort of place to ask people to leave,” McCartney said. “They really do work with the artist. They had a lot of paparazzi following them and maybe they were being a little crazy, but then they came back to record their last album there and then Abbey Road sort of made a little chill-out area for them. They were a bit more prepared for them the second time. I was able to interview Noel Gallagher and Liam Gallagher separately, but it meant a lot of time to have both of their voices included and to have them in that section because it’s strong and that part of recording history for Abbey Road was coming around full circle because it was bands coming in that were influenced by the previous recordings historically, like the Beatles and Pink Floyd. It was sort of the next generation coming in and pushing boundaries but being influenced by the original recordings.”

McCartney also described another little-known story she uncovered while working on the project.

“There were all these filed away hand-written notes about the actual recording sessions,” McCartney revealed. “I heard a story about Goldfinger, but I wasn’t sure. We didn’t have any interviews. We hadn’t found anything that actually told the story. Then I could see from the recording sessions that Jimmy Page played guitar on the Goldfinger John Barry Bond session and then we found this great interview with Dame Shirley Bassey and basically she was able to tell the story of how they played and had the projection and end credits and Shirley Bassey had to hold that end note until the end credits had finished. The story goes she collapsed on the floor. She held the note, but she gave it everything. It’s this beautiful drama!”

If These Walls Could Sing is now streaming on Disney+.

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