If These Walls Could Sing takes viewers on an exciting musical journey that documents the role in history of the iconic Abbey Road Studios, its impact on The Beatles and all the legendary music that followed that was born inside those four walls.

Paul McCartney‘s daughter Mary McCartney, who directed the film, revealed to uInterview founder Erik Meers the details behind The Beatles‘ iconic Abbey Road album cover.


“The Abbey Road Studios wasn’t called that until 1976,” she said. “When it opened in ’31, it was called EMI studios. It was only in 1976 that Ken Townsend changed it to Abbey Road Studios. People called it Abbey Road, but it wasn’t called Abbey Road officially. It’s quite funny because the Beatles were recording their last album there and they were like, ‘What should we call it and what should we do for the album cover?’ Dad said the recording engineer had a packet of cigarettes called Everest and they thought they would call it Everest and go to the top of Everest and do a photo shoot there and it would be dramatic for the album cover. They were also like, ‘Oh, let’s go to Hawaii or Egypt and take pictures by the pyramids.’ In the end, they were like, let’s just go out in the zebra crossing and take pictures and call it ‘Abbey Road.'”

If These Walls Could Sing is now streaming on Disney+.

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