Rob McElhenney and Charlotte Nicdao discuss the shockingly sexy scenes from the new episodes of Mythic Quest, in their new uInterview.

“The idea came from a book that I read,” said McElhenney, who co-created the show with Megan Ganz and Charlie Day, told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. McElhenney also stars in the show as the creator of fictional video game Mythic Quest, Ian Grimm, who often butts heads with his team, especially lead engineer Poppy Li, played by Nicdao.

He explained that book was “about a very popular television program, where the executive producer of that is a very powerful person and what they were finding was that a lot of the members of the cast, both male and female, were having romantic dreams about this person. And they realized that none of them were attracted to this person in any way, shape or form, but what they realized was that it was somehow wrapped up in this very strange power dynamic and relationship with their parents and whatever, where ever these bizarre dreams come from, and so I pitched it to Meg.”

“Also, was a really good excuse to take your shirt off right?” asked Nicdao.

“Well, we’re always looking for those,” responded McElhenney.

“Which by the way,” Nicdao continued, “it’s very intimidating, you know, you’ve got a very, like impressive body.”

“This is another example where I’m gonna Venmo her another $500 each time she talks about that,” the actor said, picking up his phone.

“It’s not even really a compliment. I’m mainly mad about it,” she replied, while McElhenney laughed. “I was like don’t look at my torso next to him!”

She said that filming these potentially awkward scenes was “pretty fun” because the pair are “such good friends.”

“I feel like we laughed a lot,” she said. “It was like one of the first scenes that we shot when we came back after the break. And I was like ‘What is my job? This is such a strange world that we inhabit.'”

“Yeah, we actually did that on purpose where we scheduled that particular scene,” McElhenney said. “I believe it was the first scene up when we were coming back from Covid. I mean it’s literally like the most dangerous scene you could shoot in a pandemic. And the reason we did that was because I wanted to send a message to everybody, to the rest of the crew, that we were taking it very seriously and that we were gonna do everything we could to make sure that this was going to be as safe as it could possibly be. And the best way to do that is basically take the two of us and be like well we’re just diving right in!”

“Check it out,” Nicdao added, laughing.

Surprisingly, both actors said that their favorite scenes are the ones that they aren’t in.

“I really enjoyed the episode that Megan Ganz directed, which is a bottle episode, which in a way is like one big long scene,” Nicdao said. “And my character only comes in about halfway through that, so there was a day where I got to come in for rehearsals and watch the rest of the cast rehearsing a big section of it from before I enter. And that was so much fun like just for me personally to get to watch this incredibly talented cast kind of like essentially doing a play just for a crew.”

McElhenney agreed: “I find that my favorite scenes I’m generally not in, although I enjoy being there on the day. But when I’m in editing I love watching things, especially things that like scenes that I know like other people will notice, but I see these like little things that they’re doing because I’m watching it over and over and over again,” he said, adding that he’ll text actors when he notices their little choices.

“It’s a nice message to get,” Nicdao said.

The actors play video game fans in the show, but what are their in real life favorite games?

“I got very into Animal Crossing last year. Like I was one of those people that got like very into it. Actually, Rob’s wife Kaitlin [Olson] and I were visiting each other’s islands a lot, which was very fun.”

McElhenney’s real life relationship with video games is very different: “I’m the dad that has to like talk about yes, I like video games too, but screen time has to be earned, and I’m taking Stardew Valley out of your hands. And Roblox, I’m gonna take Roblox and I’m gonna throw them into the Pacific Ocean, okay, if you don’t get up and fold your laundry.”

Season 2 of Mythic Quest premiered May 7 on Apple TV+. Check out the trailer below:

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