Moby revealed how he created the remix of his song “Go” by sampling Laura Palmer’s theme from Twin Peaks in his new uInterview.

“I had never expected to have a career as a musician,” Moby told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “I’d never even expected to make music that anyone listened to. You know, when I was in high school I played in a punk rock band and we would play to five people a night. When I started DJing I was sometimes playing to three people a night, so my expectations were very small.”

“So in 1990, I put out my first single called “Go,” and it was this minimal techno track and it sold just shy of 1,000 copies. And I was amazed. I was like, ‘Wow, I’m with a record label!’ Even though I was also the assistant at the record label like I cleaned the kitchen and sent faxes and took records to UPS, like I was the unpaid labor at the record label, but still I’d sold almost 1,000 copies,” he said.

“And then, this British record label wanted to release this song, but they said they could only release it with a remix,” he explained. “And I started working on a remix and it was right when Twin Peaks started and I loved David Lynch, and so I think it might have even been as literal as work on a remix, watch Twin Peeks, go back to working on the remix trying to work Laura Palmer’s theme from Twin Peeks into the remix.”

“And then this remix ended up being a top 10 record throughout Europe,” Moby said, “so I was living in this abandoned factory, but flying back and forth to the U.K. and to Germany and to Benelux and Scandinavia to do all these like super high profile TV shows, still only making $3,000 a year.”

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