In the film Mutt, viewers follow Feña (Lio Mehiel), a young trans man, as he navigates high school and relationships in New York City. One such relationship is with his half-sister, Zoe (Mimi Ryder).

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Ryder explained her and Zoe’s feelings on the trans main character.

“She doesn’t care,” she shrugged. “I mean she’s a Gen Z, I’m a Gen z, that’s how it is now. I go to high school, and I have a lot of trans friends, but I mean we’re kids, going through high school together. It doesn’t matter the gender.”

Ryder also revealed her favorite scene to shoot in the film.

“I really liked filming on the subway in New York,” she laughed. “I thought that was the most fun scene to film. It was like a torrential downpour when we were filming so there were like umbrellas in the subway station, the subway was totally flooded. And in this scene, Feña hits their head so there was all this fake blood everywhere. We were partying in the subway, it was the best.”

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