Melissa George revealed how Justin Theroux got her to audition for The Mosquito Coast in her new uInterview.

Geroge plays Margot, the wife of Justin Theroux‘s character Allie, who is a radical on the run from the U.S. government. In the series, Allie and his family uproot their lives to escape to Mexico.

“She’s been in hiding for nine years. Six identities,” George told uInterview Founder Erik Meers, explaining that there’s a hidden reason why her character sticks by her husband’s side. “Each episode I can show a certain fragment of her personality to the people around her,” she said.

“There’s a bit of brainwashing going on. I feel like Allie and Margot are no good together, but they’re also no good without each other. I think that she’s under his spell in many ways,” the actress said.

George explained that her costar is who pushed her to audition for Margot. “We go way back, two decades this year. We did a film called Mulholland Drive for David Lynch. “He played the director and I played the actress singing. And he has the iconic line ‘This is the girl.’ And 20 years later when the casting was happening for Margot, he called my agent after four months of me not putting myself on tape for it and said ‘Where’s my girl? This is the girl.’ And so I did a tape, and you know 20 years later we’re now married in The Mosquito Coast.”

“I feel like that connection you know going past you know for two decades just created such a magical sort of feeling between two actors really,” she said. “And I have so many great memories about that man. I mean first of all he’s never in a bad mood. He’s such a team player. I love how we sort of choose takes that we like of each other you know when we’re in front of each other. We have a very nice working rapport.”

“And he’s just super fun. Like we would wrap and like five minutes later he would be like ‘What are you doing for dinner?’ and I would have to cook him a meal or something, you know,” she said, laughing. “So he’s just a really superb human being.”

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