Jane, produced alongside the Jane Goodall Institute, follows Jane Garcia (Ava Louise Murchison) and her best friend David (Mason Blomberg) as they go on adventures to protect wild animals around the world.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Murchison and Blomberg revealed their favorite thing to shoot.

“They were all really fun to shoot, but one of my favorites is the shark episode because we got to film in the grocery store and run around which is not something I usually do and I got to stay up till like 4:00 a.m. shooting that and I love staying up, I’m such a night owl,” Murchison said.

“So for me my one of my favorite scenes was when we got to go film underwater for the shark scenes,” Blomberg said. “It was so cool because we got to see so much. We just got to see tons of jellyfish and sit down in the deep and we were in this awesome shark cage and we were wearing these amazing costumes made by the amazing costumes and we just had a really fun time down there and it was super cool getting to scuba dive in the shark tank.”

Murchison and Blomberg also discussed the message of the show.

Murchison began, “I hope that viewers get out of the show that no matter how little they are or like even if you think you can’t do anything because you’re so little, like us, you really can and I hope they learn that it’s important to save the environment because we don’t really have a Planet B.”

Blomberg continued, “Yeah kind of like what was said, there’s one quote that kind of builds off the show and it’s like – the first step in this one quote is that Jane Goodall said, ‘only if we understand, we care. Only if we care, will we help. Only if we help, can they be saved.’ And the show kind of starts the first process of that, it’s helping kids understand these animals and if they understand them they’ll wanna feel sympathetic and then that will make sure that will make them want to help and if everybody’s helping then they can be saved and also like what Ava said, you can do something no matter your age.”

Season one of Jane is now available for streaming on Apple TV+.

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