Stars of the movie Love, Weddings & Other Disasters Maggie Grace and Andrew Bachelor, along with writer-director Dennis Dugan, revealed their favorite secrets from set in a new uInterview.

The romantic comedy features several intertwining stories about love and relationships.

“It’s a beautiful autumn in Boston with these interlocking love stories and my character sort of lands haphazardly in the center of these love stories via parachute,” Grace told uInterview’s Erik Meers. “And she’s wedding planning for the first time with very little wedding planning experience and hilarity ensues, and she learns a lot about love in the process.”

Bachelor plays a duck boat Captain, who’s not your average romantic comedy lead.

“Now Captain Ritchie he’s not really looking for love, you know what I mean?” described King Bach, as Bachelor is known by friends. “He’s not that guy that’s out there just searching going on Tinder dates, Bumble, Grindr, whatever these kids are using nowadays. He’s just out there living his life, doing his little tour guide thing, and then boom! Love! Love walks on his job. And he’s like ‘Woah, what is this?’ He feels a little feeling in his heart. He doesn’t know what it is. And he wants to get to explore this love a little bit more, but then she vanishes. So what does Captain Ritchie do? He goes searching for her.”

“Everybody from top to bottom in this cast is like a top pro-actor and a great comedian. So, except for the fact that we didn’t have enough time to shoot it, it was a complete enjoyment for me every single day,” Bachelor added.

“It was like a crowd sourced miracle this schedule,” Grace said, noting that the whole movie was shot in 26 days. “It was like this crazy dance.”

Their favorite scenes from the movie?

“For me the most touching is certainly the scene in the park between Diane and Jeremy, I just love” said Grace. “And just the way they start to see the world through each others’ view point, even though she’s visually impaired, I was so moved by that storyline.”

Dugan added, “One of my favorite scenes is a scene that I didn’t write, but Bach did it, and it’s when he goes to the park and there’s 100 women with glass slipper tattoos on, and I didn’t write any of it when he goes down the line I wrote none of it, I just said ‘Bach, you’re funny. Just start being funny.’ And so he ad-libbed the whole thing with Mark Wahlberg all of that stuff is all from him.”

Bachelor said he liked Grace’s skydiving scene at the top of the movie: “I loved how you start it off. You just start it off with a bang. That’s crazy! Skydiving, the disappointment, then the crash at the end and the water. It’s just, I like how it starts.”


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