Kylin Milan started her career as a social media influencer, but she’s now venturing into music with the release of her new single, “Could It Be You.”

In an exclusive interview with uInterview founder, Erik Meers, Milan revealed what it was like working with songwriter Poo Bear.

“Just to start out like I met Pooh Bear not too long ago,” she began. “It was actually pretty recent, I would say last July-ish but I finally met him in person after being connected through a mutual connection that we have in the industry and he just he wanted to see me, you know, and how I did vocally and everything because he saw a video of me singing on my Instagram and we connected, you know, through that person and he gave me a voice test, and I passed with flying colors as he said and it was so surreal when he finally was like, ‘we should work together.’ I was ecstatic as I still am because it’s just been so incredible thus far working with him and the whole team. It just doesn’t feel real and it’s amazing.”

Milan also explained the process of creating the song and music video with Poo Bear.

“So we went to the studio and met up there and everything and we actually got to writing right away so we wrote the song together, we co-wrote it and it turned out amazing but we were in the studio for, I want to say like six hours writing and recording and just bouncing off of each other with ideas and it was such a creative process in the studio and very very good energy and it was fantastic in the studio,” she said.

“We actually filmed it in Nashville, crazily enough, which you wouldn’t think like EDM in Nashville, but we went to Nashville,” she continued. “I traveled there and so did everyone else and we worked with an amazing videographer. I was nervous, I got my first-day jitters before I showed up and everything I walked up and I was like shaking I mean, it was so exciting though. I had never felt anything like that rush of just being around so many amazing people and just I felt like an actress in a movie. The star of a movie and I was speechless, it was a rush of adrenaline and just an amazing feeling because the people were just so nice and, you know, the rest of the crew and they made it so comfortable, and yeah, I mean I have nothing but good things to say.”

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