Bling Empire, a reality show following real life incarnations of Crazy Rich Asians, is back for a second season full of drama as the cameras follow L.A.’s insanely wealthy Asians as they attend fabulous events, wear decadent clothing and fight each other.

Cast member and actor Kevin Kreider recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to reveal what really happened on his date with Kim Lee.

“The date she decided to show up, actually I felt going into it that it was going to be forced a little bit because she’s not really into road trips. It actually turned out to be a great date,” Kreider confided. “I don’t think that one was forced at all. It felt super natural. I was actually surprised how comfortable we got together in the car, because we’ve never spent one on one time like that before.”

Kreider added that realizing he wanted to start going on dates with Kim was a slow build.

“I think it was always like that in the sense of how season one ended. I felt it. Kim felt it. The audience felt it, so we tried and I think what really kind of hurt the relationship was how long it took for us to film and air season two,” the actor revealed. “Your life kind of goes on hold. You try to live your life as much as possible and when the season’s done, you try to keep it going. We had so many talks and conversations and we met up a few times. Before that, there was never a date. Kane was always around. That was just something we were doing for so long. It wasn’t a total surprise when we started going on dates, for us at least.”

Watch the whole interview to find out more about Kreider’s take on drama with Anna Shay and Kane Lim.

Season two of Bling Empire is streaming on Netflix now.

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