Josha Stradowski and Marcus Rutherford reveal their favorite parts of bringing The Wheel of Time from page to screen in their new uInterview.

“That first episode, you know, it was just so new to us, everything,” Rutherford told uInterview founder Erik Meers, “so I think to have a first episode where you’ve got a lot of stunts, and all the characters are involved, you’ve got a lot of background artists, supporting artists, you know, a whole village needs to be built, and then when you’ve got a big action scene on top of that as well, and you’re very new to finding out these characters, you know you’ve got very key moments that kind of lay the foundations for these characters. It’s kind of a weird kind of amalgamation of a lot of things happening at once. So, I think that was quite daunting, but I think it was probably the best way to start the show because it kind of set the tone.”

The Wheel of Time is such a rich world with so much complexity and it’s you know the books are known for that,” Stradowski said. “It’s not for no reason that 90 million copies have been sold. Apparently, there’s something in it that people can relate to, that touches them.

“And what it is for me, is besides you know that in this world of The Wheel of Time, women are the ones who are in control; if men use the power, one power, they abuse it all. Or the fact that it’s not simply black and white, good against evil, it’s all shades of grey in between,” he added. “For me, what really makes this stand out is the characters, that you start to care for the characters, and that they’re real, you know, they’re no heroes. They have to go on this mission they never sign up for and you can see their failures and their fears, and what it costs of them, the sacrifices that they have to make. I think that’s what makes The Wheel of Time special for me, at least.”

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