Carnival Row follows the stories of mythological refugee beings as they deal with oppression and discrimination from humans. One human man, Philo, played by Orlando Bloom, takes on the unsolved murder cases of these beings with the help of his lover fae, played by Cara DelevingeJamie Harris played the fae-racist Sergeant Dombey who butts heads with Philo. Jay Ali played the fae Kaine who is part of the Black Raven group.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview, Ali and Harris discussed their favorite moment or scene from shooting the second season.

“The first time I stepped on the row,” Ali said. “I came in for this season and everyone talked about the row, you know, this amazing set that was being built and, you know, they even made it bigger for this season and you go in and you are transported into a different world. It’s unbelievable. You have hundreds of extras dressed up as pucks and fairies, and I think the first time we did the scene where we walk onto the row and they had the whole row dressed and all the extras were in as the first time seeing what the Row turned into since they were put there by the humans and it was unbelievable. It was the moment I’d never forget.”

“I did a scene in season two and visually it was within the row,” Harris explained. “It’s amazing. You had these decapitated heads stuck on spikes. Orlando is there protecting a crime scene, but I come in with my crown, and I purposely contaminate the crime scene in front of everyone as a show of power and then among all this visual, Orlando and I have this kind of low dialogue about who’s more in charge. It’s a chess game, and it was so exciting to play because you’re amongst this sort of amazing cruelty. You’re having this dialogue with this character who believes they’re absolutely justified in doing what they’re doing and both trying to find each other’s weaknesses. It was an amazing scene, very memorable for me.”

Season two of Carnival Row is now available for streaming on Amazon Prime Video.

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