Harry Shum Jr. says he’s ready to play different sorts of roles following his Glee stardom: “I think there’s so much to be explored within us.”

“I love consuming food and I love consuming different types of food,” Shum Jr. told uInterview founder Erik Meers. “So, you know, I couldn’t eat pizza every single day, you know, I like to mix it up and eat different types of cuisines.”

“People want to say, you know, actors want to explore different roles, but I think us as humans just in general, some of us like to eat and do the same thing every single day, but I think there’s so much to be explored within us,” he said, “and kind of living on the edge a little bit or also facing things that we fear.”

“And I think over time I just really wanted to face certain things and themes that really scared me or interest me,” he continued.

Shum added that most important thing is the psychological and emotional connection actors have with script, whether it’s a musical show like Glee or a crime drama like his new movie Broadcast Signal Intrusion.

“So I’m all about the variety,” he said, “and yeah, give me some pizza, pasta, Greek food, and some sushi and some Mexican food. So like, I look at it that way. Let me have it all, but in due time I’ll be able to explore all that.”

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