Fraggle Rock, an offshoot of the famous Muppets children’s television series, has been rebooted for the first since debuting in the 1980s.

Uncle “Traveling” Matt stopped by for a chat with uInterview to discuss his plans for Thanksgiving.

“I’m back in Fraggle Rock for the holiday and then I’m going to go looking in outer space for something called the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade,” he said. “I would like to see what that is.”

As far as celebrating the holidays, Uncle “Traveling” Matt has been on a quest to find out how silly creatures celebrate.

“I went around all over the entirety of outer space and looked for how silly creatures celebrate when the weather is cold and I found that they all do more or less the same thing,” Uncle “Traveling” Matt said. “First, they light the lights and they get together with family and friends and they eat just like we do and they seem to be celebrating something that makes them very happy.”

Uncle Matt also revealed what he loves about Fraggle Rock.

“It’s a wonderful, wonderful place Fraggle Rock,” he said. “We sing a lot. We dance a lot and we play. Well, that’s what the little Fraggles do, I’m actually out exploring because I’m a professional explorer.”

Stream Fraggle Rock now on Apple TV and Disney+.

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