Tarek El Moussa, known for hosting the HGTV reality series Flip or Flop, which was just renewed for an eighth season, is getting a brand-new show that is all his own.

Tarek’s new series will be without his ex-wife and Flip or Flop co-star, Christina Anstead.

“There’s two different options [for the new show],” Tarek revealed. “One, I’m coming in and mentoring rookie flippers that literally have it all on the line. They’re doing their first or second [real estate] deal and they really need guidance, as they put their life savings into it. I come in and make sure that everything turns out ok, or at least to the best of my ability.”

He continued: “Another option on the show would be me coming in and helping flippers that are in big trouble and need a bailout. Maybe they ran out of money or the contractor stole their money, maybe the rehab is all going wrong, so I just come in and try to save the day as best I can.”


El Moussa said his health has improved after several bouts of cancer, including thyroid cancer, and his much-publicized divorce from Christina. He also suffered from a back injury and underwent surgery, but says he is now simply concentrated on the future and living a happy life. “I’m doing good. I had a lot of health challenges for quite a few years,” Tarek told uInterview. “I had lung cancer then I got hit with another cancer, then after that I got hit with a debilitating back injury. And, of course, my divorce. I pretty much went through five years of hell. That’s what I call it. And today, the lessons I learned are amazing. I’m a better person. I’m a happier person. I’m stronger for it. I don’t think about the past. I want to live the absolute best possible life ever. If I’m able to do that that means my children will have the same.”

So what are the secrets to a great house “flip?”

“One, you have to make sure you pay the right price,” El Moussa stressed. “You make money when you buy the house, not sell the house. A lot of people might go in and say, ‘Oh my gosh, this house is the biggest piece of crap I’ve ever seen, I’m gonna buy it!’ But it doesn’t really work like that. Just because it’s a piece of crap, doesn’t mean you can pay too much money, because then you’re gonna lose a lot of money.”

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