Academy Award winner Fisher Stevens teamed up with Leonardo DiCaprio for the second time on the new documentary on Formula E, And We Go Green.

The documentary follows the ups and downs in a season of electric car racing while giving a look into the possible green future for car racing as a sport.

“Formula E is an electric race car formula circuit that is between 12 and 15 races a year, where they travel the world and they build the circuits, they actually build tracks in most of the cities, so that they bring the race to the people of the city,” Stevens told uInterview’s Erik Meers from his backyard.

“These tracks are in the heart of Paris, the heart of Rome, in Brooklyn, and they are built literally for that race and for an audience to kind of come to while you’re walking home or going home.”

Stevens, who directed the documentary with Malcolm Venville, explained why Formula E is so energy efficient.

“I think, I don’t exactly how many parts, but there’s something about maybe 30 or 40 parts to a Formula E car, there’s 2,000 plus parts to a Formula 1 car, so you can see just how energy-intensive that is alone in how many parts there are,” said Stevens.

“It’s one of the lowest carbon footprint sporting events in the world,” he said. “Because the cars are transported by boat, and the circuit is laid out so that they stick in one continent at a time.”

“But, also, everything is geared towards keeping things carbon neutral in this event,” he explained. So, it runs on this glycerin kind of fuel as well, and you can taste it as we do in the film and it’s very environmentally friendly.”

He noted that the race is unique because the drivers have to focus on conserving energy while racing.

“You can’t go as fast as you would be for a period of time, I mean they’re really fast right now, but you can only have a 10-minute race. So you have to monitor your energy, which is really cool, it’s kind of like a video game, so the drivers are not only using their driving skill their using their monitoring skill, they’re gonna have to make sure that they save battery power.”

It’s also unique because it is much more competitive than Formula 1. “Formula 1, usually Mercedes, Red Bull or Ferrari win every race, this, this is a completely different type of series. It’s in the cities it’s for the people,” he said.

Stevens went on to explain that it was originally DiCaprio’s idea to make the film because he was a fan of Formula E.

“I mean, I love Leo,” he said, pointing out that they had worked on Before The Flood together in 2016, while DiCaprio was working on The Revenant.

“But, it really was his idea and he did convince me to kind of do it,” said Stevens.

You can watch And We Go Green on Hulu. Check out the trailer below:

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