Maybe it’s the mask. Or the name. Or the disguised voice.

Mystery surrounds DJ Claptone.

Claptone sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to answer some of the fans’ most burning questions.

@MelinaMachado asked why Claptone chose the bird mask.

“That wasn’t my real choice,” Claptone revealed. “The mask was given to me and I think it’s a great fit to the music. It’s got this kind of shiny, luxury look. At the same time, it’s got a lot of history because it’s a Venetian plague doctor’s mask so it goes back in time. It’s also a play on hip-hop and all the gold and bling-bling which I like. It’s got so many dimensions and maybe I’m even missing 10 dimensions, but what I always like about a lot of things in music is you can be ambiguous and people can read a lot of stuff into how you look and what you do. I welcome people to read into the mask and what ever they want to read in it. Please do it.”

Watch the full video to find out how Claptone got his name, who his dream collaboration is and what he secretly hoards.

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