David Earl, writer and star of the Sundance Film Festival feature Brian and Charles, is eager for the world to see the movie. The film tells a Frankenstein-esque tale, of a man who befriends a robot.

Earl, who plays Brian, reflected on shooting the film as a once-in-a-lifetime experience in his new uInterview.

“I’ve been plodding away quietly just hopefully getting a little bit better at it, ” Earl told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “What was so lovely was working with mates to make a film together … like when’s that ever going to happen again. Such a small little crew and because of the pandemic, we just found ourselves in North Whales. Three of my close friends and we’re making a film and it was lovely yeah… sort of pleased I’ve had this tiring journey to get there.”

Brian and Charles was originally released as a 2017 short film, which the crew adapted into a full-length film. Earl, who is a long-time collaborator with comedian Ricky Gervais, reflected on how his character has developed over the years.

I’ve been performing as Brian for years making short vlogs, and tiny little movies and performing on the standup circuit in England,” Earl said. “I did a little internet radio show as Brian where he was the most inept call-in host … one night Rupert, the producer, called up and with the software started chatting to me, so I started chatting to him. During this call, I was laughing a lot and we created this relationship. Then Chris (who plays Charles) was listening. He really enjoyed it and got in contact and we decided to do it live. Chris built Charles.”

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