Brian and Charles, which began as a 2017 short film, has been adapted into a full-length film. It follows lonely inventor Brian who invents an artificially intelligent robot, Charles, and their adventures.

David Earl and Chris Hayward, who wrote and star in the film, recently sat down for an exclusive with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss their favorite scenes from the film.

“My favorite is just them hanging out in the kitchen cooking cabbage and seeing them do the mundane,” Earl said. “I could watch them just cook cabbage and not say anything and just observe them … and them walk through to the living room and eat it and not say anything. I like all those moments,” Earl revealed with a laugh. “An then, I really like that scene where he dances and falls over and then the guy comes around.”

“I just thought about when we first got the cuckoo clock working, David had to give it a trial run and it was so funny watching him trying to ride this bike so precariously,” Hayward added. “The first run he had was on a bit of a hill so this contraption would get going quite fast. I loved watching that.”

The film not only features an unorthodox friendship, but a long list of mind-boggling inventions as well.

“We came up with a lot of them actually,” Hayward revealed. “The way we shot the initial scene, David had not seen any of the small inventions because [director] Jim [Archer] wanted to capture his reaction and to film him explaining what they were off the top of his head. I sent a list of things at one point to our production department to make and it would just be things like a doll’s head glued onto a spoon, like what’s that? David would have to say what it was.”

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