Darby Stanchfield and Connor Jessup revealed the scariest parts of Locke & Key Season 2 in their new uInterview.

The show follows the Locke siblings, who move into the childhood home of their recently murdered father, and they quickly learn that the house is filled with magical keys.

“Each key has a different set of powers and the kids keep finding them,” said Stanchfield, who plays their mother. “They can hear them and the adults in this world cannot hear or see the magic. So these kids are sort of on their own in trying to figure out not only what happened to their dad, but what this whole world about the magical keys is.”

“Some keys can turn a door into any destination you want,” Jessup described, “another key can open up people’s minds and you can wander through the halls of someone’s head. So they all do very different and brilliant things, but behind all the fun you start to learn that these keys are connected in some mysterious way to their father’s past, which is darker and more shadowy than they thought, and in Season 2 you get even deeper into the mystery of where these keys come from, what they mean and what they can do.”

Although the show is filled with plenty of creepy monsters, the actors agreed that the scariest scenes to film are the ones that seem the most mundane.

“The scenes that are scary to watch maybe are never really the scenes that are scary to shoot,” Jessup said. “The scenes that are scary to shoot are probably the scenes that are least scary to watch.”

“I actually have to agree with Connor that the stuff that is a little bit more sort of sobering that sort of makes you sit up at night and pay attention is the deeper sort of emotional, the family drama and sort of you know really digging into that and making it relatable or believable,” Stanchfield said.

Season 2 of Locke & Key is streaming now on Netflix. Check out the trailer below.

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