Rogue Heroes tells the creation story of the special forces unit during World War II in Northern Africa.

Connor Swindells, who plays David Stirling, and show creator Steven Knight sat for a discussion with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss the show.

“Even though it was a real joy, it was definitely a hard shoot,” said Swindells, who is known for his role in Sex Education. “I do think that all of that hardship that we faced added to David Stirling’s overall frustration and grumpiness. Playing someone who is as complicated and flawed as he is, you know he’s at times incredibly egotistical and self-serving and anxious, but it was just a real kind of tasty cocktail that I was able to sip through three months in Morocco.”

Knight explained the decision-making process of bringing Swindells on to play the pivotal role of David Stirling.

“We went for the best actors of this generation who were English,” Knight said. “Fortunately, we got them all. We got all of our first choices. The thing with Connor, well I know Connor’s actual background and in Britain, everything’s about class and like myself, Connor is a working-class man from a working-class background. He just looks posh!”

Swindells also provided insight into what he thought was the most memorable scene to shoot.

“There’s these great, big, epic kind of drives that happen where the guys are all heading off into different directions to different raids and so on. Those were some of the most thrilling experiences I’ve had as an actor because we were just coming it along salt flats. You couldn’t see the camera because it was so far away. It was just a real experience where you were able to embody the character without even meaning to. Suddenly, you felt like this kind of desert rat scuppering along the floors of the salt flat. It was amazing the kind of primal rage that came out of all of us while we were steaming along. It was a surprise, but something I’ll never forget.”

Rogue Heroes is now streaming on Epix.

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