Claudia Jordan, host of Cocktails with Queens and Tea-G-I-F  on Fox Soul, the new streaming service from Fox, discussed how she handles controversial topics on her rowdy shows in her new uInterview.

“In the beginning, we could really say — there was no censorship — we could say whatever we wanted,” Jordan told uInterview Founder Erik Meers. “And I think we built a fanbase with people being like, able to feel like they’re getting the real. It’s not, you know, edited and perfectly crafted responses, it’s just really off the cuff, so I think people feel that.”

“I think in this time we’ve become so sensitive,” she said. “We can’t say anything without a group getting offended and want to cancel you. We just don’t give a damn. We just say what we feel and let the chips fall where they may.”

Jordan explained that although she and her costars have no filter, she doesn’t purposefully try to offend people. She said she tries to be careful when discussing the LGBT community on her shows. “I try to use my shows to educate I brought people on, I brought transgender folks on to my shows to be able to discuss and to educate folks so they don’t get their ass kicked in the streets for saying something offensive,” she said. “That’s my duty.”

Jordan revealed that she “honestly wouldn’t take back anything” she’s said on the show “because even our bloopers and when we mess up is added to the success. Like people, like they may drag you for a couple days, but they still love us for the most part and they come back.”

Episodes of Cocktails with Queens and Tea-G-I-F are available to stream now on Fox Soul.

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