Carlos and Alexa PenaVega, of Big Time Rush and Spy Kids, respectively, are approaching the entertainment industry through a different perspective: through faith. In their new book, What if Love is the Point?, they explore putting God at the center of their lives, giving to others rather than focusing on themselves and what it means to love unconditionally.

The PenaVegas recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss what it’s like putting their faith and marriage first in Hollywood.

“For us, having this marriage, this holy thing we get to experience together, it’s very freeing and comforting,” Alexa said, before adding, “It’s your safe place, the person you get to go back to all the time. What we always say is, ‘You’re my everything.’ He’s my favorite person in this whole world. This industry is not built for marriage, it’s not built for people to have kids. Our industry is really set up to kind of break that apart. For us, early on, we’ve always gone against the grain. It has always been a little harder, because we’ve never done anything the normal way in this industry. I don’t think that’s how God intended us to do it. When you read scripture and you see the path is narrow, I’m just like, ‘Oh okay, we’re taking the narrow path. It’s going to be maybe a little rockier. It’s going to be harder at times, because we’re not doing what everyone else does.'”

“It takes work,” Carlos agreed. “Most people are like, ‘Oh, I’m a Christian now! Life’s going to be easy.’ No, life’s harder. One word that we talk about in the book is consistency. I really feel that people, especially people who are believers, they really struggle with consistency. I could talk to you right now and say all this, but then I’m gonna go on social media and then in two days you’re gonna see something else and be like, ‘That doesn’t make sense! Is that the guy I just talked to? No way!’ You see so much of that and I feel like Lex and I try really hard to be consistent. What you see is what you get. I’m gonna talk to you the same way I’m gonna talk to they guy down the street who I just met. It does take work. It takes work to keep our family together. We’re on tour right now, and the other three guys in my band are on their own bus doing their own thing because I chose to bring my family because I couldn’t do two and a half months without my kids – especially my one-year-old who’s changing every day. Financially, it was a small burden on us because we pay for that, but it’s worth it.”

The couple also revealed what they think the biggest takeaways from their book are.

“We’re both fighting for the same thing,” Alexa said. “That’s the biggest difference if you look at the other relationships I had prior to this one … they weren’t God-centered. For us, we’re looking at everything with a kingdom mindset with God at the forefront. It doesn’t matter how chaotic things are because we’re both running in the same direction, both going toward the same place. To have that together, that ultimate goal, there’s just peace in everything we do. This is the craziest season we’ve had in years, but we have peace that just blows everything else away.”

Carlos agreed and added a life lesson that he hopes resonates with readers.

“If something doesn’t happen right away when you want it, it doesn’t mean it’s never going to happen,” he commented. “Sometimes it just means it’s not the right time, and I’ve had to watch things go by that I’m like, ‘That would’ve been so great,’ and five years later I’m like, ‘Wow if that had happened … I wasn’t ready for that!’ It doesn’t mean it’s a no, it just might not be the right time.”

What if Love is the Point is out now wherever books are sold.

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