Season two of Bridge and Tunnel is finally here, and this season picks up as the group of friends from Long Island move to Manhattan where they’re all working toward following their dreams.

Brian Muller, who plays Nick ‘Pags’ Panetti, Gigi Zumbado, who plays Tammy and Erica Hernandez, who plays Genie, recently sat down with uInterview founder Erik Meers to discuss what it was like working with show creator Ed Burns on Bridge and Tunnel.

“I remember going into a fitting one day and it was supposed to be a lingerie fitting for a phone call scene and I was so nervous, I was panicking,” Zumbado revealed. “Our head of designer, she had told Ed that I was freaking out about this lingerie fitting. When I walked into the fitting, I happen to see hanging up a little custom-made [Miami] Dolphins Bob Griese jersey from the 80s. Ed knows I’m the biggest Dolphins fan and apparently he said something like, ‘There’s nothing sexier than a girl in an oversized men’s jersey.’ It didn’t make it into the season, but he brought it back season two and that’s something I’ll always remember – that he lets me wear my Dolphins jersey. I think it’s sick. I love that.”

Muller chimed in on Burns’ creative side and how he works on set.

“When we filmed the scene where we’re cheering up Jan Juis [Castellanos] and he’s heartbroken and we got to sing, ‘I Will Surivive’ to him,” Muller said. “It was a moment where we didn’t know how it was going to go. Sam [Vartholomeos] and I kind of looked at each other like, ‘Let’s just wing it.’ Ed goes, just see what happens and the first take we did just felt like we struck some gold.”

“For me, Ed had a lot more faith in me than I did in my guitar playing,” Hernandez added. “There’s this song that I do actually play live and it was like every free second I had I was practicing on set. I was so nervous about it. There’s this scene where I play for him as my dad and he had this real, very actual dad moment. It was sweet to have somebody to sort of say, ‘No, you can do this and you’ve got it,’ and to actually be able to see it come into fruition and be in such a supportive environment like that.

Season two is of Bridge and Tunnel is now available to stream on Epix.

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