Bob Odenkirk stars in Lucky Hank as the midlife crisis-bound English Professor Hank Devereaux.

In an exclusive interview with uInterview at South By Southwest in Austin, Texas, Odenkirk discussed his most memorable scenes from the show.

“All scenes in the show,” he laughed. “Two that are in the pilot: one where I run – I won’t tell you where it is – but I tore my leg muscle terribly, which shows my age, and the second one was the great scene where Suzanne Cryer as Gracie hits me with her spiral notebook and it lodges in my nose and tears a hole in it.”

Odenkirk also revealed whether he was more similar to Hank or Saul.

“Oh, I’m closer to Hank for sure,” he said. “He’s always making jokes and he’s kind of sour and he’s more my age.”

Lucky Hank is available for streaming on AMC+.

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