Paradise City follows Ryan Swan as he seeks revenge on a notorious Hawaiian kingpin who killed his father.

Blake Jenner, the former Glee star who plays Swan, recently sat down to chat with uInterview founder Erik Meers about what it was like working with iconic action stars Bruce Willis and John Travolta.

“[Bruce] was so happy to be there,” Jenner said. “The first time I met him, he was there with all his friends. He came to set and we had been cooking for a little while. I was just such a huge fan. One of the first ones that comes to mind that made me cry watching was Armageddon, you know the last scene with him and Ben Affleck. He’s been incredible throughout his whole career so it was cool to work with him and all the scenes, it’s father and son. It was so open and easy to dive into that and speak from that corner of our hearts.”


“With John, it’s funny because I don’t know if he’ll hate me saying this or not, but the first thing that comes to my mind, most people say Pulp Fiction and those are all great movies, but the first thing that comes to my mind is Look Who’s Talking, because I love that movie,” he continued. “He’s so funny. Also, my parents were so excited, because they’re two of their acting heroes as well. I learned so much working with them in different ways since they play such different characters. It was like an acting masterclass. Especially with John. I was just trying to hold my own because he’s such a pro. He comes from theater and you can definitely feel that. He just loves rehearsing. Working with those two is like a ‘pinch me’ moment.”

Jenner went on to talk about his experience taking on the action genre.

“I’ve never gotten to feel so badass,” the actor revealed. “We had the best stunt coordinators and they were such lovely guys and such a funny team. Everything is rehearsed down to every movement, but when you put it together you feel like a Mortal Kombat character. It’s pretty great.”

Paradise City premieres in theaters and on demand on November 11.

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